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Burke Around the Globe
If you know Burke, you know people all over the world.


We know how to overcome the barriers of culture, language, and geography to discover gold in the international landscape. We have developed internationally comparable research methods, executed and managed with unfailing professional skill. The result: reliable data, analytical information, and empirically based recommendations to empower business development anywhere in the world.

Improved communications is the key to bridging nations and understanding global cultures. To provide clients with actionable and meaningful results, projects are assigned to the entire international Burke team from the start. This formidable combination of talent, experience, and cultural understanding helps ensure that international research results are delivered accurately, on time, and on budget. Team members are trained to pay special attention to sentence length, and translations are initially done by "mother-tongue" translators. It's this attention to detail that provides data consistency between countries without losing depth of meaning, and without losing control of project costs.

On-going project control is also essential. We use the Internet, e-mail, telephone, and face-to-face meetings to make sure our customers' projects run smoothly around the globe. To keep lines of communication open and keep our teams running in sync, we conduct regular international training courses and seminars.

The industries we serve globally range from consumer goods and pharmaceuticals to finance, information, and communication technologies. Our international client list includes small, medium-sized, and major multinational corporations, including 75% of Europe's top thousand companies.

As the world market becomes more and more essential to the success of corporations everywhere, research that both embraces and bridges cultural differences is more vital than ever. Fortunately, world leaders can always turn to Burke, the global research authority.


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