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Hispanic Research


The Opportunity


The current Hispanic population in the United States is approximately 53 million, accounting for nearly 16% of the US total population. Considering the typical marketing budget dedicates only 3-5% of its budget to Hispanic or Latino marketing, there is clearly a very big disconnect between marketers and Hispanic consumers. Hispanics are the fastest growing segment in the US with the potential to drive long term growth for many companies – their spending power has surpassed $1 Trillion and they continue to show upward mobility – which means investing in Hispanic research now will pay off long term.

Our Thought Leadership

  As a client, you don't have to go to a boutique Hispanic specialty firm to get great Hispanic research. We have more than 10 years of experience conducting high quality Hispanic research for clients across a range of industries. Our professionals understand how to gain the kind of cultural insights needed to improve brand strategies and marketing plans. For example, we know that even young English-speaking Hispanics have a strong cultural connection that influences the way they consider brands and services. We also know there is a huge opportunity to reach Hispanics through mobile, but not at the expense of a quality survey experience.

Our Approach

  Burke’s expertise in Hispanic research and quality insights can help you make better decisions regarding your Hispanic strategy. We have a solid cultural understanding, proven research methods, and a point of view that helps you better understand findings from Hispanic research and drive action. We can provide the insights you need to define your strategy for targeting this valuable consumer market by answering questions like:
  • Who is my Hispanic consumer and shopper?
  • Which targets are most profitable for my brand?
  • How do they see my brand and competitors?
  • How do Hispanics consume and shop my category and what influences them?

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