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Digital Dashboard®

Digital Dashboard® Online Reporting Solution

Use of Burke's Digital Dashboard® online reporting solution can make reporting of survey results faster and more flexible, giving managers dynamic real-time access to information for better data-driven decision making.

Digital Dashboard is used for surveys that use the Internet as a data collection method, but it can also be used for data collected via phone, mail, mall-intercept and other mediums. In addition, other critical enterprise information can be incorporated into the Digital Dashboard interface.

Digital Dashboard makes it easy for researchers to monitor partial data - including the most recently completed interview - early in the collection process, check on results from specified time periods for ongoing studies, and see full results as soon as fielding ends for discrete survey projects.

As a browser-based online reporting solution, use of the Digital Dashboard does not require the installation of special software on users' PCs or networks. Although data housed on Burke servers can be conveniently obtained by clients, the information is made secure through the creation of unique URLs and passwords.


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