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Making important decisions using linkage analysis is like looking at randomly-placed dots on a white screen. Alone the individual dots can hint at a solution, but they are likely to leave you puzzled. When you connect the dots, you can see the relationship among them, and a clear image comes into view.

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The Challenge


Most organizations today live in a data rich environment, with multiple streams of information at their fingertips. However, in too many cases the disparate streams of data don't speak to one another, so despite a wealth of data, managers make important decisions based solely on intuition. Evidence has shown that over half of these decisions result in less than successful outcomes, rendering many of these decisions as good as the flip of a coin.

Making decisions about how to allocate precious company resources shouldn't be left up to chance. Successful organizations are able to look at key metrics - such as financial performance, customer satisfaction, quality, process effectiveness, employee engagement, and/or brand equity - and link them together for a comprehensive view of the organization. Using linkage analysis, Burke helps managers see the complex relationships among the drivers of business success. This arms them with the critical information they need to obtain a superior return on investment.

Our Thought Leadership

  Burke is widely considered to be the leader in designing and implementing linkage programs. We have dedicated over 15 years to developing and sharpening our linkage capabilities. During that time, we have conducted over 100 linkage studies for leading Fortune 500 companies in industries as diverse as financial services, insurance, Healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, retailing, automotive, shipping and logistics, travel and hospitality, industrial suppliers, telecommunications, and utilities. We are regularly invited to share our expertise at conferences, and we have published papers and a book, Decision Equity, on the topic. We teach linkage to managers, executives, and even our own competitors through courses and seminars offered by Burke Institute, the most widely known and highly respected marketing research training entity in the industry

Our Process

  The Burke approach to linkage is considered "best in class." It starts with upfront design that is tailored to the client's unique needs and engages relevant stakeholders within the organization. It continues with expert analysis using scientific methods and a written narrative explaining the relationship between the metrics. The final step is the creation of a simulator that calculates the expected ROI for various scenarios. Our approach to linkage is systematic, adaptable, and can be applied to many business situations.



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