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Employee Engagement

The Challenge

  Employees ultimately drive organizational success. While financial results are most closely aligned with the product or service offered to your customers, those offerings are only as good as what your employees deliver. Starting with top leadership and moving down through all levels to the front-line employee, performance matters. And employee performance in turn is driven by employee engagement. So what drives your employee engagement? Is your company doing what it needs to do to keep employee engagement strong? If not, are you willing to accept the risk of putting your organizational success in jeopardy?

Our Thought Leadership

  Burke is a leading research and consulting organization with a well-established employee engagement and retention management practice. Employee engagement has been a focal point of our employee-related services over the past decade. We have nurtured this practice by focusing on the business relevance of employee engagement - the linkages between employee engagement and measures of organizational success such as customer engagement and financial performance. Through such an approach, we have helped organizations in industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare, retail, technology, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, and utilities establish the ROI of employee engagement. This allows us to reinforce that meaningful measurement and management of employee engagement has a business benefit beyond just being the right thing to do. Along with our years of experience, our approach is continually refined by ongoing research. Our staff of researchers and organizational psychologists conducts annual Workforce Perspectives┬« studies aimed at better understanding, enriching, and continually building our knowledge of employee engagement and retention.

Our Process

  Our customized approach to employee engagement and retention management programs consists of five typical phases. First, we encourage our client partners to invest time in the discovery and planning phase. We work collaboratively with each client to understand the scope, requirements, challenges, and goals of the proposed employee engagement research. We believe that this lays a solid foundation for a best-in-class program while earning stakeholder buy-in. Second, we design a measurement program that is best suited to deliver on goals. This might consist of a standalone engagement survey, or a symphony of employee voices - from onboarding to exit and everything in between. Third, we implement the measurement program and ensure strong participation. Fourth, we conduct analyses and report findings, which provide key organizational stakeholders with insightful decision support. Our findings provide information to help prioritize key opportunities for improving engagement - drilling down to group and manager results. Finally, we offer tools and support for action planning and improvement efforts. Taking action based on this knowledge is the critical last step toward creating and sustaining strong employee engagement.




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