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Most organizations today live in an extremely data-rich environment. In 2006, the digital universe was the equivalent of 12 stacks of books extending from the earth to the sun or one stack of books twice around the earth's orbit. By the end of 2010, the stack of books grew to reach from the Sun to Pluto and back. Despite availability of these data, there is evidence that managers are only about 50% accurate in their decisions…at best, equivalent to the flip of a coin. And a lot of these decisions pertain to a very valuable organizational asset - your customers.

Customer Engagement

The Challenge

  Customers are one of the most important-- and often the only--revenue producing assets for an organization. Managing these important assets, therefore, requires a systematic and disciplined approach toward achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. In our experience, however, approaches to measuring and managing customer expectations and attitudes have multiplied over the last few decades, causing significant confusion among customer champions within organizations. These decision makers are left struggling with answers to questions such as: Which is the best program for their needs? How can they disseminate and integrate customer feedback with other sources of information efficiently? And, most importantly, how can they implement changes based on customer-feedback to move the organization forward? As a result, customer equity continues to be left to chance in the marketplace.

Managing customer feedback, however, does not have to be left to chance. A best-in-class research partner can help establish a customer measurement system which can pull together different pieces of the puzzle to help an organization establish a world-class customer-centric program.

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Our Thought Leadership

  For over 25 years, Burke has been considered to be at the forefront of designing and implementing customer engagement programs. Unbiased industry reports have confirmed it by consistently ranking our offering as best-in-class. In the past five years alone, we have managed over 800 best-in-class research programs, totaling roughly $70 million. In these programs we have brought forth our intensive R&D work on the topic, our unequaled loyalty metric that has been shown to link to organizational success, quality data collection through multiple channels, real time availability and analysis of data on your desktops, and successful implementation of organizational change based on customer feedback. We have applied these skills for leading Fortune 500 companies in industries as diverse as financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, retailing, automotive, shipping and logistics, travel and hospitality, industrial suppliers, telecommunications, and utilities. We are regularly invited to share our expertise at conferences, and we have published papers and a book, Decision Equity, on the topic. We teach the topic to managers, executives, and even our own competitors through courses and seminars offered by The Burke Institute, the most widely known and highly respected marketing research training entity in the industry.

Our Process

  Our approach to these programs typically consists of three phases. In the first phase, we invest time and resources in scoping and designing the measurement system. This helps lay a solid foundation and helps earn stakeholder buy-in. In the second phase, we undertake data collection and analysis of customer feedback data. Our emphasis here is on collecting quality data and on presenting research findings that provide clear directions to business managers. In the last phase, we help implement these findings through a series of facilitated sessions. Such facilitation leads to a comprehensive deployment of customer-centric initiatives across the organizational silos to help your organization succeed.



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