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Social Media Research

  The rise of social media has single-handedly created a communication revolution in the online world. New platforms now exist for people to discuss an endless set of topics online with such breadth of access that these conversations have become a powerful new force in a number of arenas, including marketing. Social media content is so diverse that it can seem unwieldy. But, when properly assembled and analyzed, this content can offer a great deal of insight on a broad range of management-relevant topics. As a full-service, custom marketing research provider, Burke works with clients to determine how social media research can be used to add richness to what they know about consumers. The general process our researchers use for social media engagements is analogous to that of other research methods: We start with objectives and end with action. Our experience allows us to glean knowledge from social media sources that we use to draw a more complete picture of the marketplace, to inform decisions about how to best market a product or brand, and to ultimately achieve greater business success.


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