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The Challenge

  Breaking through the clutter of today's competitive environment has become increasingly difficult. The ease with which consumers access vast amounts of information is unprecedented, and their perceptions can change in an instant. Today, it is more important than ever for companies to actively evaluate and protect the value of their brands.

The world's most successful brands are built on a careful assessment of the marketplace, followed by strategic planning to develop a compelling position and insightful research to continuously monitor brand performance. Companies must invest heavily to build and maintain their brands, and they don't want to be left in the dark on how the marketplace responds to their efforts.

Thought Leadership

  Burke has a long and rich history in brand research and is recognized as an industry leader in implementing brand measurement programs. Over the past five years alone, Burke has conducted over 650 brand equity, corporate reputation, and brand tracking studies. Burke has monitored brands spanning a full spectrum of stages in the product lifestyle, from early entrants to established market leaders, as well as a broad range of industries including consumer packaged goods, financial services, automotive, medical supplies, and technology. In addition to our client practice, Burke educates marketers and research practitioners on how to conduct brand equity research through courses and seminars offered by the Burke Institute, the most widely known and highly respected marketing research training entity in the industry.

Our Process

  The Burke approach begins by working with our clients to understand what their brands mean to them and how their brands are positioned in the market. Next, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of our clients' brands given the industries in which they operate. We offer a full range of services that provides key information at every stage of establishing and monitoring brand performance. We apply expert analyses using proven scientific methods to measure brand performance and the dimensions that are most impactful. The final and most important step in our process is to collaborate with our clients to tell a brand story. It is this step that turns insight into action and delivers on our promise to provide superior decision support.


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