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     Once a new or reformulated product reaches the shelf, the window for success can close rapidly if it does not meet or exceed consumers' expectations. Trial is when the critical first impression is made, and it happens only once; a product needs to be spot-on right from the start. Product research is how marketers can gauge and react to consumer sentiment prior to launch. Burke's portfolio of product research includes a wide range of techniques that not only identify the optimal direction of change, but also quantify the degree of change needed to improve consumer acceptance. Our researchers have experience across a wide range of industries and with a variety of methods. Whether testing prototypes at central locations, refining well-developed concepts with home use tests, or identifying the best reformulation via in-store taste tests, Burke has the analytical expertise and depth of knowledge to provide the insights our clients need to bring the optimal product or service to market.

Conjoint analysis is one of the most widely used tools for guiding product or service development. Burke has been conducting conjoint studies as long as anyone, and we were among the first to recognize the importance of individual level models, such as those more recently popularized through the application of Hierarchical Bayesian models.


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