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  Measuring the effectiveness of a brand's strategy is best accomplished through the lens of the strategy itself. That's why Burke developed Brand Atlas™, an intuitive measurement system that is tailored to your own brand's strategy and objectives. This framework, sharply honed over many years of partnering with clients to help them grow their brands, is based on the premise that consumers engage with brands they love. This engagement is driven by a shifting combination of both "reason" and "emotion." Early on in a consumer's journey with a brand, they are motivated primarily by reason-based (functional) aspects. Over time this connection grows stronger, resulting in more of an emotion-based relationship. Brand Atlas™ enables brands to be more successful first by understanding how strongly consumers are engaged with the brand today, and second by identifying the biggest opportunities for growing engagement through strategic improvement initiatives. More specifically, Brand Atlas™ provides measures of:
  1. Performance. How many consumers do you have from aware to love?
  2. Momentum. How well are you moving them to higher engagement?
  3. Motivations. What emotional and functional levers can you pull to move consumers to higher engagement?
  4. Competitive Advantage. How are you performing relative to your competition?
  5. Brand Resonance. How do consumers perceive your brand and what are they saying?
  6. Extension Potential. Do you have permission to innovate/extend?
Brand Atlas™ programs are tailored for each client by first immersing ourselves in their business objectives and strategy. Next we work with their stakeholders to understand exactly how the data will be used to take action. This informs the crafting of attributes that get at the emotional and functional aspects of the brand promise and experience. Next we develop and test hypotheses to ensure right-sized tracking. The result is a measurement program that delivers the greatest ROI possible for the research dollars spent.


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