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Burke's reputation as a leader in the marketing research industry is derived from our expertise in designing and executing objectives-based research that allows our clients to make the most informed decisions possible. We support this work with continuous process improvement based on an ongoing 360 feedback system and an active commitment to "research on research" internal R&D programs.

Burke's primary areas of focus include:

Brand Assessment - Burke consultants help companies maximize the value of brands through research programs dedicated to Brand Engagement, Social Media, Image and Positioning, and Awareness and Usage (A & U).
Product/Service Development - From Concept Testing to Pricing Research, Burke provides research techniques that support decision-making throughout the entire development process.
Customer Engagement - Burke helps companies develop and deploy customer engagement systems to more effectively focus internal resources on customer requirements in order to improve productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.
Employee Engagement - Burke offers a full set of tools to help advance and support employee engagement and retention management.
Linking Data Sources - Burke leads the industry in implementing linkage programs with the overarching objective of optimizing organizational performance through fact-based decision-making.
Market Segmentation - Understanding how customers differ, and how organizations may develop strategies to capitalize on those differences, continues to be one of Burke's passions.
Shopper Research - Burke offers a diverse set of solutions that allows clients to better understand how consumers differ from shoppers, and why it matters.
Qualitative - Innovation and creativity are hallmarks of Burke's qualitative research services, guided by some of the highest quality standards in the industry.


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