Telecommunications, Customer Engagement



A national provider of wireless communication services wished to implement a comprehensive customer engagement program.  This program was intended to serve as the cornerstone of a company-wide strategic initiative to develop a customer-focused corporate culture.  This client sought a partnership with Burke for its experience developing customized measures and employing advanced analytical tools to customer engagement data.  In addition, this organization needed a partner capable of managing a highly complex research program with sampling and reporting changes that often occur on a month, even weekly basis.



The client wanted to achieve the following research objectives:

·         Develop a custom measurement system for monitoring customer engagement within all geographic regions served by the company

·         Link employee compensation directly to this measurement system

·         Measure and quantify the impact of loyalty drivers across a broad range of service categories

·         Measure satisfaction with individual customer touch points, including service experiences at retail locations and through the customer service call centers

·         Provide actionable results on a monthly basis to provide direction for improvement efforts with the primary goal of raising customer engagement levels year after year



Burke conducted over 26,000 quantitative telephone interviews annually with current customers, ensuring representative and readable samples across markets, regions and customer call centers.  In addition, just over 8,00 paper surveys from retail locations were processed on an annual basis.



Through its partnership with Burke, this business was able to continuously monitor customer engagement and to prioritize service improvement initiatives based on their impact on customer engagement.  Because of these efforts, our client has earned one of the lowest customer churn rates in the industry.  In addition, an independent organization recently measured and reported the incidence of customer complaints for this category of telecommunications service providers; Burke’s client has received the fewest customer complaints for all providers in the study.