Technology, Linking Data Sources



Our client, a major technology company, was interested in validating the link between customer support rep metrics, the internal process metrics, and the favorability of customer experience in a call center environment. This would allow the firm to identify key internal activities that can provide superior customer experiences when they contact the call center.



The client company wanted to:

·         Examine the linkage between customer support rep metrics (e.g. their engagement levels) and internal process capabilities (e.g. first-time-fix capability)

·         Examine the linkage of customer support rep, as well as internal process metrics with the favorability of customers’ support experience (as measured through a research survey)

·         Identify key customer support rep as well as internal process metrics that drive the favorability of customer experience



A qualitative design phase to identify data on available customer support rep metrics, internal process metrics, as well as survey based customer feedback measuring the quality of their support experience. 

A detailed discussion on the desired level at which these analyses should be performed, recognizing the need to preserve the confidentiality of individual customer support rep metric data, such as their engagement scores.

Subsequent quantitative modeling analyses to establish the linkages between customer support metrics, internal process metrics, and customer evaluation of the call center experience.



The analysis clearly showed that customer support reps with more favorable engagement levels were more capable of delivering superior internal processes, such as first-time fix. The improved internal processes in turn were observed to be positive drivers of favorable customer experience. Together, these analyses helped the client prioritize among alternate customer-centric initiatives that could optimize customers’ call center experience, and therefore their overall loyalty toward the firm.