Technology, Employee Engagement



A technology company sought to improve employee engagement at a global level to help ensure strong customer engagement and retention, and therefore, optimize financial performance. They also wanted to assess customer advocacy within their culture to ensure all was being done to build and maintain a proper focus on the customer.



         Measure Employee Engagement globally to assess performance in specific areas to prioritize improvement opportunities based on their impact on engagement.

         Understand what drives high, moderate and low engagement among employees in order to move moderately engaged employees up to being highly engaged while looking for appropriate methods to transition out those with extremely low engagement.

         Find ways to optimize both customer advocacy within the culture and customer engagement by understanding the linkages of both to Employee Engagement.



Customized surveys administered globally online (professionals and non-production employees) and via paper and pencil (production employees), administered in fourteen languages.

Assessment metrics included: Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, and Customer Advocacy/Customer Focus.



         This research enabled the company to prioritize and identify top improvement opportunities to optimize employee engagement. They learned through advanced linkage analyses the ways in which employee engagement is linked to customer engagement in their organization.

         Insights were widely shared with all major stakeholders. Corporate leadership sponsored teams focused on two top priority areas for global improvement.

         Cluster analyses profiled High, Moderate, and Low Engagement employee segments identifying factors that most influence engagement by segment enabling targeted interventions.

         Additionally, gap analysis identified extreme differences in perceptions between customer-facing employees and the customers they serve.