Technology, Customer Engagement



A global manufacturer of computer hardware wished to measure customer satisfaction with its products and services, and how those perceptions directly impacted customer loyalty and ultimately bottom line financial success.



The client wanted to:

·         Measure customer perceptions of the client’s products and services

·         Quantify the impact of customer perceptions on future revenue generated through repeat purchasing as well as positive word of mouth

·         Develop a user-friendly forecasting tool that predicts the financial impact of changing customer perceptions of any combination of service or product characteristics

·         Update this forecasting tool on a regular basis with subsequent data collection and analysis



Focus groups were conducted to develop relevant survey instruments.  Burke then conducted over 105,000 quantitative online surveys annually with the client’s business and consumer customers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.



Burke’s data analysis enabled this organization to make ROI calculations for all strategic improvement initiatives under consideration.  This allowed our client to maximize the value of company resources by focusing on programs in areas with the highest financial payoff and the annual interviewing tracks the success of improvement initiatives.