Other, Employee Engagement



A large technical institution was interested in understanding the impact of staff engagement on student satisfaction and loyalty. They understood that the stronger the engagement, the more effective their Administrators, Educators and other staff would be, while also advocating for the students they serve. The organization had also gone through leadership changes and restructuring so they wanted to assess the impact of the changes on the culture and overall work environment.



         Assess Staff engagement levels across facilities affiliated with this educational institution for each major type of employee including Faculty, Administrators, and all other staff.

         Identify specific areas where the organization was doing well, in addition to identifying specific improvement opportunities.

         Identify specific actions the organization could take to increase employee engagement, improve overall operations effectiveness, and realize corresponding improvement in performance of staff, faculty and administrators.

         Evaluate impact of specific changes, most notably the change in leadership and restructuring.



An engagement survey was administered to all staff.



         Issue prioritization information was created and shared for each division/departments and for the various staffing groups.

         Specific strengths and opportunities for improving engagement were identified.

         By comparing survey data on a year-over-year basis, the impacts of leadership and structural changes were also quanitified.

         Shared knowledge and understanding provided a common sense of purpose in making improvements.