Restaurants, Linking Data Sources



A large international QSR chain needed to prioritize spending in their marketing research function.



They asked Burke to help them decide which pieces of research would have the most impact on the business going forward in hopes that they could cut back research spending without sacrificing insight. 



Burke conducted an analysis using all of our client’s current research to determine which studies and secondary data were most predictive of in-market sales and transaction data.  By gathering all of their data points – online concept testing, in-store product test data, test market awareness and usage information, brand tracking  data - aligning it and determining the relationship between these data and key outcomes, we were able to develop a recommendations for which research tools to add, continue, modify or stop using.  In addition, we identified which specific survey measures were predictive of in-market business results.



This analysis allowed our client to prioritize their spending on information that led to increased sales and improved business performance.   As a result, they have been able to cut out research and syndicated contracts that have no bearing on business performance and focus on the vital few factors that matter most to their customers.