Pharmaceutical, Linking Data Sources



Our client, a major medical diagnostic equipment company, was interested in validating the link between customer attitudes and customer behavior – i.e. if customers that report more favorable attitudes also provide increased business to the firm.



The client wanted to:

·         Examine the linkage between customer attitudes, as measured through research surveys, and customer behavior as measured in the company’s books of business

·         Identify the key components of customer attitudes that are the strongest drivers of customer behavior

·         Identify specific behavioral elements that are driven by customer attitudes

·         Help prioritize alternate improvement initiatives that have the highest impact on customer attitudes and therefore on customer behavior towards the firm



A qualitative design phase to identify available customer attitudinal and behavioral data, and the feasibility of conducting linkage analysis. A subsequent quantitative modeling analysis phase to establish the linkages between customer attitudes and customer behavior.

The analysis was conducted for multiple end customer locations serviced by the firm.



The analysis clearly showed that customers with more favorable attitudes gave a higher share of their medical diagnostic equipment business to the firm. Further, the analysis helped the client prioritize among alternate customer-centric initiatives that could optimize customer attitudes, and therefore the client’s share of business with these customers.