Retailing, Employee Engagement



A retail organization wanted to optimize financial performance by improving customer/shopper engagement. In assessing current customer/shopper engagement and identifying the drivers of their engagement, they identified their store associates as a source of influence in customer/shopper buying behaviors.  In turn, by assessing levels of employee engagement, we will able to quantify financial impacts of the store associates engagement to shopper/customer behaviors and financial performance.



Assess Employee Engagement levels across retail brands in search of specific improvement opportunities at the brand and store level.  



Surveys were developed to include employee engagement measures in-store. Parallel questions were also asked to gain perspective from both the internal associate experience and the shopper/customer experience.



The research was able to identify and prioritize areas for improvement at both a brand and store level.  Financial impact of employee engagement was projected based on turnover costs, impact on customer buying behaviors and financial performance of each location.  Action Planning sessions were held with retail Brand/Customer leaders and HR leaders jointly recognizing the impact of employees in driving business results at a store level.