Healthcare, Employee Engagement



A large global Health Services organization sought to improve their service delivery model for customers to improve overall business performance. Since this involved a major transformation of their sales and support structure the organization chose to conduct research on a pilot group to understand the impact of the planned transition on their staff, customers, and their business.



         Assess the overall impact of the new service and delivery model on customer experience, including the impact on business acquisition and retention

         Assess and understand the impact of the new structure on the employee experience and employee engagement

         Uncover transition challenges as well as solutions to ensure a smooth and effective transition



Burke used a longitudinal approach over a two year period using both a pilot and control group. The first assessment served as a baseline to which subsequent measures were compared and tracked against. Surveys were designed and implemented to assess impact and outcomes both from a customer and an employee standpoint.



Initial analysis showed positive impact on customers, with some negative or challenging impacts on employees due to transition challenges which carried forth extra work and interim work arounds. Over time the research measured the impacts of various process improvements, while collecting narratives on challenges and suggestions for improvements. For the most part, the transition was seamless to the customer. Employees appreciated having an outlet for voicing their experiences and perceptions during the transition. Throughout the process, employee engagement and commitment remained high. By conducting this research, the company remained informed and connected to both their customers and employees in a positive and productive manner. Business impacts are planned to be assessed after the full transition is completed.