Pharmaceutical, Customer Engagement



The corporate finance function of a biotechnology company wanted to increase the depth of their staff’s knowledge, expertise and skills in order to increase internal customer satisfaction and add value to the services they provide.  Burke’s ability to provide structure and framework to a “vague and loose” set of objectives was the primary reason this biotech company enlisted Burke as a research partner.



The client wanted to:

·         Assess present status of finance function relative to staffing, skill sets and meeting customer expectations.

·         Assess customer satisfaction and expectations.

·         Assess employee engagement and identify drivers of engagement.

·         Identify the staffing and skill sets needed to meet business and customer requirements.

·         Establish a baseline measure for assessing internal customer satisfaction, which can be tracked over time.

·         Prioritize results to guide targeted action planning.



Qualitative: in-person focus groups with employees and customers

Quantitative: dual web surveys among employees and customers



Burke recommended an “outside-in” approach for improvements to begin with customers.  This biotechnology client is currently working to identify customer needs, determine knowledge skills and abilities required to meet customer needs, develop an organizational skill plan based on requirements and identify “standards of performance” from customers.