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About Us

Applying Knowledge - Improving Decisions

  Burke is one of the premier international research and consulting firms in the world. For nearly 80 years, Burke has helped manufacturing and service companies understand and accurately predict marketplace behavior. Burke's employee owners add value to research and consulting assignments by applying superior thinking to help clients solve business problems.

We provide our customers with data, information, guidance and far more. Burke strives to become a valued business partner who focuses on finding and implementing solutions to the most critical problems facing our clients today. We give our customers a competitive edge.

Burke: 100% Employee-Owned

  Burke is 100% employee owned. In 2004, Burke formed an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), ensuring that all employees are able to participate in stock ownership and have a personal stake in helping to contribute to the company's success. The ESOP, representing broad based employee ownership across all positions of the company, has owned 100% of the shares of Burke since January 2008.

Our Mission

  To provide superior decision support services that enable our clients to succeed.

Our Business Commitments and Values

  We will work relentlessly to earn and retain the loyalty of our clients.
We will provide work of the highest quality in meeting our commitments to our clients.
We will maximize the value of our services through our experience, expertise, and thought leadership.
We will take a disciplined approach to our work, based on industry standards, best practices, and our own rigorous R&D.
We will act with honesty and integrity in all our endeavors.
We will positively impact the communities in which we live and work.
We will be responsible stewards of our environment.

Our Commitment to Community

  Burke is proud to be headquartered in the greater Cincinnati region. As a member of the local community, we believe in giving back to the area and doing what we can to make it an even better place in which to live and learn. Burke has a long history of supporting charitable endeavors in our community. For more information on Burke's involvement in community programs, please visit our Community Relations page.

Our Commitment to Employees

  We will recruit and retain only the best people for all positions in the company.
We will treat each other with respect and dignity, recognizing the contributions of each individual.
We will maintain a culture of employee ownership where employees share in the financial success of the company.
We will empower employees to make responsible decisions, consistent with our goals and commitments.
We will foster an environment of open communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.
We will provide employees with the proper tools, training, and opportunities for career development.
We will promote the health and wellness of employees and support them in maintaining an appropriate balance of work and home life.

Our Commitment to Data Quality and Security


As the marketing research industry evolves, it is important to continually improve security and quality procedures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the work Burke conducts for clients.

pecb/cirq logoIn 2017, Burke became the first full service marketing research firm to achieve ISO 27001 certification awarded through CIRQ, a subsidiary of the Insights Association in collaboration with PECB, a global provider of audit and certification services. ISO 27001 is the internationally-recognized gold standard for information security management.

Burke's ISO 27001 certification provides verification to clients that the information assets entrusted to the company are handled according to rigorous standards and that our information security management system is integrated with our company's processes, systems, and practices.

cirq logoIn addition, Burke attained ISO 20252 certification awarded by the CASRO Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ) in 2011. ISO 20252 establishes quality standards for market, opinion, and social research organizations.

These ISO certifications are a testament to Burke's commitment to both quality and data security. With these certifications, clients can be confident that the work Burke produces for them is executed with quality processes and security controls in place.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

  At Burke we are committed to operating our business in a sustainable and socially responsible way. In 2010, Burke exhibited a true commitment to sustainability by seeking and attaining LEED� (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold level certification for its corporate headquarters. Burke's headquarters building was designed and constructed to positively impact LEED� environmental and human health priorities in many aspects, including the following:
  • Burke selected an existing building on a campus-like setting on the western edge of downtown Cincinnati. The site selection and investment in the building add value to the property and the area.
  • The majority of structural components - walls, columns, floors and roof - have been maintained, which reduces the amount of construction debris entering the waste stream.
  • The replacement of all existing windows with new frames and new low e-glazing with a strong solar heat gain coefficient will result in a more energy efficient building.
  • A bank of preferred parking spaces is available for use by employees driving Fuel Efficient Vehicles (FEVs).
  • The building design has incorporated bicycle storage and changing rooms for employees wishing to bike to work or at lunch.
  • Full recycling areas are provided in all break areas. A dedicated recycling area is located near the loading dock.
Burke is organizationally committed to leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Recently, Burke installed solar panel canopies in its main employee parking lot to reduce electricity consumption. Burke estimates that the solar canopies will generate enough electricity to offset one-third of Burke's electricity usage per year. Burke is proud to have an environmentally-friendly atmosphere in which clients can meet with their Burke teams and have highly productive interactions, and where Burke employees can conduct their best work every day. More information is available here. We also support such initiatives as the UN Global Compact and its principles regarding human rights, labor standards, environmental stewardship and anti-corruption.

Burke Timeline


Alberta Burke starts Burke Marketing Research as a data collection agency.

Don Miller, marketing research director for Cincinnati's WLW radio, joins Burke and begins development of the Day-After Recall (DAR) for testing TV commercials.
Late 1960's

Burke expands to international markets, adding locations in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Tokyo and Mexico City.
Mid 1980's

Industry image study rates Burke as number one research firm in study design capability and analytical sophistication.

Burke Customer Satisfaction Associates (BCSA) is established to better serve businesses in listening and reacting to the "voice of the customer".

Burke changes official name from Burke Marketing Research Inc., to Burke, Inc. The name change reflects Burke's broader research and consulting activities outside traditional custom marketing research.

Burke Strategic Consulting Group is established to help clients close-the-loop and to move from data collection and analysis to implementation of strategic change.

The Employee Engagement & Retention Management Practice Area is formed.

Burke re-acquires 100% of its shares and becomes 100% employee-owned. Burke establishes ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) to allow for broad based employee ownership. Burke re-acquires 100% ownership of the Burke Institute.

Completes 100% ESOP restructuring.

Moves into 500 West 7th Street corporate headquarters.

Burke acquires Seed Strategy, creating a world-class consultancy with the ability to drive business growth by combining strategic innovation with research-based decision support.

Burke Quick Facts

  Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH USA
Founded: 1931
Employees Full Time (2016): 253
Employees Part Time (2016): 90
CEO: Diane Surette


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